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Next solar max: Doozy or dud?

Mixed signals, new techniques add intrigue to solar predictions. more>


T-REX: Catching the Sierra's waves and rotors

Researchers from the United States and Europe studied the mountain-generated flow from several perspectives during the two month project. more>

Where did that dropsonde go?

New Data Center


This March, some 300 scientists from almost a hundred institutions worldwide converged in Mexico to begin finding an answer to one of the world's nastier atmospheric problems: the dense air pollution from megacities. more>

A fresh voice from the field
The rest of MILAGRO

UCAR Online

Keeping up with UCAR online

There are more ways than ever to find out what's going on at NCAR, UCAR, and UOP. more>



President's Corner

Rick Anthes provides a first-person look at the COSMIC launch and explains how scientists can sign up to work with the data now beginning to stream in.  more>

First soundings
How to access the data

President's Corner

Amazon rainforest greens up in the dry season

Walrus calves stranded by melting sea ice



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