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Summer brings hundreds of scientists to UCAR's Boulder labs. Our Community Calendar summarizes what's coming up.

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How random is our winter weather?

Climate scientists map out a hemisphere-wide web of connections. Although forecasters wrote the lines well in advance, the winter of 2002–03 strayed from its script across the United States. more>

North America's ozone: a closer look

Scientists have clarified the process by which ozone—an essential shield in the stratosphere, but a pollutant at lower levels—reaches its peak abundance above North America each spring. more>

Super-sizing a community data trove

Tucked away at the remote end of the Computer Room of NCAR’s Mesa Laboratory are five giant data silos, the heart of the world-class Mass Storage System (MSS)—arguably the largest archive of atmospheric data on earth. more>

Chasing mesoscale monsters

BAMEX goes after bow echoes and thunderstorm vortices. Tornadic supercells may steal the headlines, but a different kind of storm stirs up a comparable amount of havoc across the Midwest over the long haul. more>


Larry Winter: NCAR's new deputy director

After an international search, NCAR has named Larry Winter, an applied mathematician at Los Alamos National Laboratory, as its new deputy director. more>

Regular Features

President’s Corner: University roles in the weather and climate services partnership

In February 2003 the National Research Council (NRC) issued the report Fair Weather: Effective Partnerships in Weather and Climate Services. more>

Web Watch

One-stop shopping for educational sites

The UCAR Education and Outreach Program has built a set of bridges between geoscience research and education. more>

UCAR Community Calendar

The UCAR Community Calendar provides an overview of activities sponsored or hosted by UCAR, NCAR, or UOP for researchers, other professionals, and students in the atmospheric and related sciences. more>

Governance Update

Relocation of NCAR chemistry labs

The focus of the UCAR Board of Trustees’ winter meeting, 25–26 February, was implementation of the strategic plan for UCAR space needs. more>