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Spring 2001

Atmospheric-science activities for teachers now available on the Web

by Zhenya Gallon

Classroom activities designed to help teachers enhance middle schoolers' skills in science and math are now available on the Web. Cycles of the Earth and Atmosphere was created at NCAR in collaboration with teachers participating in LEARN (Laboratory Experience in Atmospheric Research at NCAR), an NSF- funded project to improve science education.

The cycle theme is used to introduce the atmosphere as a whole, climate, the greenhouse effect, global climate change, and ozone in both the stratosphere and the troposphere. Each section offers background materials and several hands-on activities that teachers can use in class. Using the Web's capabilities fully, the site offers animations illustrating scientific concepts such as ozone destruction and also showing how activities will look in the classroom.

Everything on the site is aligned with national standards for science and math education, which form the framework on which most state and district standards are being built.

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