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Fall 1998

Survey results and our response

With over 20% of the audience responding to the UCAR Quarterly survey, we are ready to announce some changes. However, this doesn't mean it's too late to fill out the survey. We will continue to tally results as they come in, and we're willing to reconsider changes or make additional ones as you request.

  • Coverage. We asked your preference for the amount of coverage of the following types of stories: UCAR-centered science, programs, opportunities for collaboration, educational/community efforts and views from management, and member university-centered science.

    For every type of article, more respondents wanted to keep the same level of coverage than asked for changes, either more or less. However, results for a few types were close. For UCAR-centered science, 44% of those who answered the question asked for more, 48% for the same, and only 8% for less. Member news received the highest "less" rating of any category at 34%, but also the highest "more" rating at 22%.

    After considerable thought, we have decided to drop the member profiles. In their stead, we will add more short articles on UCAR research and also more Science Bits, which offer brief summaries of member news. We will lose the spotlight on a few universities, but we will gain a wider view of the many advances that are taking place here and at the member institutions.

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