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UNAVCO facility acquires new receivers

The members of the University Navstar Consortium (UNAVCO) have acquired 150 new Global Positioning System receivers, more than doubling the number of GPS receivers available through the consortium for earth and atmospheric science research. Thirty of UNAVCO's member institutions (see box) allocated $1.4 million for the purchase as matching funds for $2 million allotted by NSF through its Academic Research Infrastructure program. Wayne Shiver, UNAVCO facility manager, coordinated the receiver purchase. Most of the new receivers have been purchased and checked out by UOP's UNAVCO facility in Boulder and have been delivered to the universities.

UNAVCO is sponsored by NSF's Directorate for Geosciences. Scientists at its member institutions are using GPS technology for research in virtually all of the earth sciences and many related fields. The UNAVCO facility offers NSF-sponsored users not only receivers, but a wide array of GPS-oriented services: field support, technical support, training, equipment testing, and data archiving. Since the fields being supported include volcanology and seismology, UNAVCO investigators regularly find themselves in southern California, Turkey, Montserrat, and other geologic hot spots within hours after major quakes or eruptions.

For further information visit the UNAVCO Web site. See " Science snapshots," written by investigators about their research, and details of the equipment purchase.

UNAVCO member institutions

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