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Summer Employment Program: Class of 1995

This year's 12 participants in the UCAR Summer Employment Program (SEP) included four from last year, returning to pursue projects that built on their 1994 work. The purpose of SEP is to provide promising minority undergraduates with an opportunity to work on real-world problems under the guidance of an NCAR or UOP supervisor. During their ten-week stay in Boulder, the students conducted laboratory work, wrote software, composed papers on their projects, and prepared oral summaries. This immersion approach gives the students a realistic feel for the life of a working scientist, says Anna Reyna-Arcos, who manages the program. This year's students are listed below, with their academic affiliations, majors, summer projects, and UCAR supervisors. Returnees from last year are marked with an asterisk.

This year's SEP students are (clockwise from far left) Lei Yu, Preston Heard, Quindi Franco, Hipook Brown, Francisco Saez de Adana, Roger Bautista, Linsey Marr, Niranjan Sharma, Sandra Pulido, Jennifer Price, Joan Sanchez Nash, and Edgar EstupiNan. (Photo by Robert Bumpas.)

Roger Bautista, Pacific Union College, applied mathematics. Used simple statistical techniques to analyze the success of monthly weather forecasts produced at NCAR. Ramalingam Saravanan, NCAR Climate and Global Dynamics Division (CGD).

Richard (Hipook) Brown, Harvey Mudd College, engineering. Developed data-processing software for satellite-based instruments that measure solar irradiance in the extreme ultraviolet range. Thomas Woods and Christopher Pankratz, NCAR High Altitude Observatory (HAO).

* Edgar EstupiNan, North Carolina State University, chemistry. Used several spectroscopic techniques to analyze the oxidation mechanisms of atmospheric hydrocarbons. John Orlando and Geoff Tyndall, NCAR Atmospheric Chemistry Division.

* Quindi Franco, Pomona College, economics and science/technology. Created and digitized a suite of multimedia documents for export over the World Wide Web. Gregory McArthur, NCAR Scientific Computing Division.

* Preston Heard, Jackson State University, mathematics/meteorology. Researched and helped develop algorithms and translators to transfer data to and from the Cooperative Distributed Interactive Atmospheric Catalog System (CODIAC). Steven Williams, UOP Office of Field Project Support.

Linsey Marr, Harvard University, environmental engineering. Investigated observations and models of the carbon budget of northern forests and the potential effects of changing land use on atmospheric carbon dioxide. Kenneth Davis, NCAR Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division (MMM).

Joan Sanchez Nash, Metropolitan State College of Denver, chemistry. Assessed the parameterization in numerical models of ice-crystal size distributions in tropical cirrus anvils. Gregory McFarquhar, MMM.

Jennifer Price, Bethune-Cookman College, aerospace engineering. Explored the relationship between atmospheric circulation above the North Atlantic and temperature/precipitation anomalies over adjacent land areas. James Hurrell, CGD.

* Sandra Pulido, San Diego State University, mechanical engineering. Analyzed the performance of the Solar/Stellar Irradiance Comparison Experiment instrument. Dan Gablehouse, HAO.

Francisco Saez de Adana, Metropolitan State College of Denver, meteorology/mathematics. Participated in the Real-Time Analysis and Prediction of Storms field program and the Small Cumulus Microphysics Study. James Wilson, NCAR Atmospheric Technology Division, and Daniel Megenhardt, NCAR Research Applications Program.

Niranjan Sharma, University of Northern Colorado, engineering. Analyzed cyclone formation over the continental United States and the western Atlantic Ocean using gridded analyses and numerical model output. Tomislava Vukicevic, CGD.

Lei Yu, Millersville University, computer science. Helped implement monitoring and analysis programs for the Internet Data Distribution system. Mitchell Baltuch, UOP Unidata.

For more information on SEP, contact Anna Reyna-Arcos (303-497-8706 or reyarc@ucar.edu).

SEP success will help other students SOAR

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