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Dry northern coast of Chile

Probing the Pacific

NCAR and partners spent an unusual amount of time this year on Pacific-based field work. Three major studies spanned the Pacific from coast to coast. more>

AMSTAR, NCAR's new digital storage library

More room for data

NCAR quintuples its digital storage capacity. more>

Benjamin Lamprey

A step ahead of meningitis

Google, UCAR join forces for African study that aims at helping officials allocate vaccines when and where the risk is highest. more>

November 2008 from NCAR's Mauna Loa Solar Observatory

New solar cycle takes its time

Solar experts are intrigued by the lackadaisical pace of the solar cycle. more>

Lumari Pardu from Columbia Univeristy talks to J.J. Miau, director of Taiwan's National Space Organization

A memorable week abroad

COSMIC visitor program brings U.S. undergraduates to Taiwan. more>

Earth with clouds and temperature indications A changing climate for research

October meetings cast an eye toward 2009. more>



President's Corner
Rick Anthes signs NSF cooperative agreement

The next five years: UCAR’s new cooperative agreement with NSF to manage NCAR. more>

Science Bits
typhoon mindulle

Typhoons bury tons of carbon. more>


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