After more than a decade of affiliation with UCAR, UNAVCO—originally the University NAVSTAR Consortium—is an independent entity. Founded in 1984 and now overseen by 29 member institutions, UNAVCO is best known for its support of geodesy and other high-precision research applications of Global Positioning System technology. It joined UCAR in 1992 as the increasing potential for GPS-based applications in the atmospheric and related sciences became apparent.

UNAVCO’s governing board formed a nonprofit, membership-governed institution, UNAVCO, Inc., in 2001. Its operational arm, the UNAVCO Facility, remained in UCAR’s Office of Programs (UOP) until 30 September 2003. The facility has since moved from UCAR’s Foothills campus to a new location several miles to the northeast (see below).

“The facility’s move from UCAR to UNAVCO is part of a long-term plan to expand UNAVCO’s role in solid Earth geodesy and geophysics,” says UNAVCO president William Prescott.

UCAR will continue its GPS-related research and development through UOP’s Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere & Climate (COSMIC), which will incorporatethe GPS Science and Technology Program (GST).

UNAVCO, Inc., and the UNAVCO Facility are located at 6350 Nautilus Drive, Boulder, Colorado.

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