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Fall 2002

HIAPER instrument workshop set for November

Scientists planning to use the new NSF/NCAR high altitude jet will meet this fall to explore potential sensors and measurement techniques. The community meeting, to be held at NCAR’s Foothills Laboratory on 4–6 November, will inform the planning process for the High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research, which is now under construction.

“The two-and-a-half days set aside for this workshop will be quite full,” notes HIAPER project director Krista Laursen. Participants will get an overview of the aircraft from key NSF and NCAR staff, followed by invited talks on specific research problems, including heterogeneous chemistry, high altitude processes, weather dynamics and predictability, and remote sensing. On the second morning, a town hall session will provide a forum for discussing other research specialties where HIAPER might be useful. Focus groups will meet in parallel later that day, followed by a plenary on engineering aspects.

The HIAPER airframe rolled off the assembly line in late June at Gulfstream’s factory in Savannah, Georgia, where Laursen and other UCAR and NCAR staff had assembled for a meeting. “After all of the effort expended to get to this stage of the acquisition, it was very exciting to get to look over the completed HIAPER airframe,” says Laursen. The Gulfstream V aircraft is now at a Lockheed Martin plant in Greenville, South Carolina, where modifications will take place over the next two years. Testing begins in Boulder in autumn 2004, and the first field mission could occur as soon as 2005.

Registration deadline for the workshop is 15 October; space is limited. For more details, contact Harriet Barker, hiaperinfo@ucar.edu, 303-497-2005, or see the Web site below.

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