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Fall 2002

UCAR acquires new campus

by Bob Henson and David Hosansky

Three buildings clustered a few blocks away from the Foothills Laboratory have been acquired by UCAR to facilitate NCAR and UOP growth, including more space for community meetings. NSF approved the $16.5 million purchase on 29 August. To be known as Center Green, the campus is the largest addition to UCAR’s Boulder facilities since the Foothills Lab was acquired in 1990.
(Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

The site, formerly the headquarters of the corporate training firm CareerTrack, flanks the west side of Foothills Parkway just south of the Foothills Lab. The buildings include about 100,000 square feet of space. In addition, the city of Boulder has granted preliminary permission for the construction of a 20,000-square-foot addition.

Starting this fall, Center Green will provide temporary housing for various Mesa Lab employees while a $12-million refurbishment of that landmark 36-year-old building is under way. Administrative staff now housed in rented space will also move to Center Green. Following an institution-wide space review, one or more NCAR divisions or UCAR programs may also occupy the site. “We’ll have the capability to meet the growth needs we’ve been projecting and that NSF has told us to expect,” says Kathryn Schmoll, UCAR vice president for finance and administration.

Attendees at the 2002 UCAR annual meeting in early October will get a sneak preview of Center Green. The meeting will be held in an auditorium that accommodates over 400 people—more than twice the capacity of the largest meeting rooms at either the Foothills or Mesa Labs.

With an auditorium and cafeteria already in place and a hotel next to the site, Center Green is well situated to become a hub for conferences and workshops in the atmospheric and related sciences. “For the first time it’ll give us the capability to host the [larger] meetings that are now very common in the community,” says Schmoll.

UCAR will be looking into options for larger breakout rooms and other meeting-oriented enhancements to Center Green. The goal, she says, is “bringing in visitors, both short-term and long-term, to NCAR and UOP and providing them with the kind of space that will allow easier collaboration.”

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