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Fall 2002

Governance Update

This new column will include updates on UCAR membership, government affairs, and other activities of UCAR management and governance of interest to the broader research community. If you have comments or suggestions pertaining to this column, please contact governance liaison Susan Friberg, 303-497-1658, friberg@ucar.edu.

UCAR Board of Trustees

The board met 12–13 June in Washington, D.C. Among the actions taken:

• Six NCAR researchers were appointed to the rank of senior scientist—Gordon Bonan, Daniel McKenna, Linda Mearns, David Parsons, Roy Rasmussen, and Geoffrey Tyndall. Analogous to full professors, senior scientists are selected on the basis of individual competence in research and other activities that enhance NCAR’s interaction with scientists elsewhere. Three other researchers were appointed to the rank of Scientist III (Stephen Thomas, Bette Otto-Bliesner, and Steven Massie), and Jack Calvert was appointed senior scientist emeritus.

• Barbara Feiner (Washington University) was elected trustee to replace Patricia Woodruff (formerly with the University of Chicago), who resigned from the board in January. Feiner became Washington’s vice chancellor for finance in 1999 and continues to serve as the university’s chief financial officer.

• The board passed a resolution in favor of creating a collaboration fund for the U.S. Weather Research Program. This peer-reviewed, competitive fund and its extramural grants would be designed to increase university and private-sector participation in the USWRP.

October meetings

The annual meeting of UCAR members will take place 8–9 October at the newly acquired Center Green campus (see related article, p. 6). It will be followed by the biennial meeting of heads and chairs of atmospheric science departments, 10–11 October, sponsored by UCAR and the American Meteorological Society. This year’s heads and chairs meeting will be held jointly with the American Geophysical Union. For more details on this year’s meetings, see “On the Web.”

Office of Development and Government Affairs

To help spread the word about atmospheric sciences research and issues, ODGA coordinates timely briefings in Washington, D.C. In the first nine months of 2002, UCAR sponsored four briefings; three were cosponsored by AMS. Each was attended by 50 to 70 congressional staffers. Audio and PowerPoint presentations from each briefing can be found on ODGA’s Roberts Forum Web site; see “On the Web.”

“National Security and the Atmosphere: Current Examples of Research Applications,” 11 February

Tom Warner (NCAR), Scott Swerdlin (NCAR), Walter Bach (Army Research Laboratory), Bruce Hicks (NOAA Air Resources Lab)

“21st Century Dust Bowl? U.S. Drought: Prediction, Impacts, Mitigation, and Policy,” 14 and 19 June

Part I: Tim Killeen (NCAR), Randall Dole (NOAA Climate Diagnostics Center), Lisa Graumlich (Montana State University), Robert Hirsch (U.S. Geological Survey) Part II: William Hooke (AMS), Donald Wilhite (University of Nebraska/National Drought Mitigation Center), Steven Running (University of Montana)

“Increasing Diversity in the Sciences: What Works,” 23 September

Thomas Windham (UCAR), Judith Vergun (Oregon State University/University of Hawaii), Everette Joseph (Howard University), John Cortinas (University of Oklahoma/ National Severe Storms Laboratory

On the Web:

UCAR annual members meeting

ODGA Washington briefings

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