UCAR Communications
Communications info for staff
    Editorial advice, style guidance for publications
    Contact UCAR Communications director Lucy Warner for assistance when you're planning a publication. Answers to many style questions may be found in the UCAR Communications Style Guide.

    UCAR Communications news beats
    Get to know the UCAR Communications staff member assigned to your division or program.

    Experts list
    Our in-house list can help you find potential collaborators or speakers for scientific and public talks. Members of the news media should contact David Hosansky to find experts to comment on news events.

    Getting the word out: A guide to publicizing your science
    How to reach colleagues and the public through UCAR Communications publications and the news media.

    Imaging and Design Center
    IDC provides assistance in design and production of your publications, from brochures and posters to program or project newsletters and Web pages. IDC is also the place for photocopying (b&w and color), bulk mailing, passport photos, electronic image processing, and many other services

    Procedures (based on UCAR Policy 4-1-7) for solicitation, posting, and distribution of materials on UCAR-operated premises.

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