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2003-55 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 23, 2003

UCAR Recognizes Staff’s Outstanding Accomplishments of 2003


David Hosansky
UCAR Communications
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BOULDER —The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research recognized the efforts of outstanding staff at a celebration on December 5. Richard Anthes, president of UCAR (which manages the National Center for Atmospheric Research) handed out awards to UCAR and NCAR staff for ingenuity and scientific accomplishment during 2003.

Winners in each of the five Outstanding Accomplishment categories listed below received cash awards and medals.

Distinguished Achievement—For the very best of UCAR's accomplishments, significantly enhancing UCAR's reputation.

Winner: NCAR scientist Kevin Trenberth for his many contributions to climate science and his scientific publication record, which is highly influential and widely cited, as well as for his participation on a large number of professional committees and panels and his substantial contribution to public outreach and education. Trenberth is a leader in climate research and communication of climate science on local, national, and international levels. According to the judges’ citation, “It is fair to say that climate science and environmental policy around the world would not be the same without Kevin’s contributions.”

Administrative Achievement—For outstanding leadership and professional excellence: efforts that result in substantial, innovative achievements in service or foster excellent customer service.

Winner: Peggy Taylor for her professional excellence associated with field deployment logistics for four field programs, all of which proved exceptionally challenging.

Education and Outreach—For efforts leading to improvements in science, mathematics, or technical education, or for other efforts that significantly enhance the public's understanding of scientific or technical issues.

Winners: Peter Burkholder, Lynne Davis, Ryan Deardorff, Holly Devaul, Kathryn Ginger, Eileen McIlvain, John Weatherley, and Marianne Weingroff for adding major new functionality and enhancement to the Digital Library for Earth System Education. Their work enables the library to better support the geosciences education community.

Outstanding Publication—For original research published as papers or books, or for works that connect atmospheric science with other disciplines or public policy.

Winner: Mark Rast for a paper that addresses the nature of the principal sources of acoustic emission inside the Sun—a major research area for helioseismic studies. The paper, published in 1999, is now recognized as a classic in the field. (“The thermal starting plume as an acoustic source,” Astrophysical Journal, vol. 524 (1), pages 462–468).

Scientific and Technical Advancement—For efforts leading to substantial improvements in scientific and/or technical capabilities, including advances in hardware or software engineering, computer science, and applied science.

Winners: A 13-member team, consisting of David Allen, Jeff Bobka, Clarke Chambellan, Jerry Dryer, James Ellis, Ken Harris, Walt Hodshon, Ed Mores, Steve Palmer, Steve Rauenbuehler, José Rivas, Karl Schwenz, and Bart Woodiel, for executing three separate, exceptionally complex and urgent projects during the last three years. The work required remarkable innovations, such as coming up with a way to perfectly align and glue together nearly a thousand antenna parts in one sitting of about three hours, the drying time of the adhesive.

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