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2002-MA8 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 21, 2002

NCAR Building to Close Temporarily; Virtual Science Store Available Online

David Hosansky
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BOULDER—The landmark Mesa Laboratory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research will be closed to the public for about five months for refurbishment starting December 1, 2002. The reopening of the Visitor Center at the NCAR Mesa Lab in late spring 2003 will include the debut of a new exhibit on Earth's changing climate.

During the temporary closing, all open space trails reachable from the mesa site, including NCAR's Weather Trail, will remain open to the public.

The Community Art Program in the NCAR Galleries will be on hiatus during the refurbishment. Art exhibits will resume with the reopening of the building in late spring 2003.

For updates on renovation progress, the public can call the recorded information line at 303-497-1174 or go to www.ucar.edu and click on "visit us" (www.ucar.edu/ucar/visitucar.html).

New Virtual NCAR Science Store

Many NCAR Science Store specialty items will soon be available through the new Web site at www.ncarsciencestore.com. The expected launch date is November 25.

The Web site will offer some of the store's most popular educational items for exploring weather, climate, and the wider world of nature and the sciences. Examples include

  • books for all ages on a host of science and weather topics, including several titles in Spanish
  • videos and DVDs such as IMAX features and selections from The Magic School Bus series
  • science kits for building a weather station, making lightning, or exploring the stars
  • jewelry and other gifts for weather enthusiasts
  • unique NCAR apparel for adults and children

NCAR is managed by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, a consortium of 66 universities offering Ph.D.s in atmospheric and related sciences.

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high resolution image: trail3.jpg (1.5 Mb, 2880 x 2048)
The Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail attracts hikers at almost any time of year. While the landmark Mesa Lab will be closed to the public for several months starting December 1, all trails accessible from the NCAR site will continue to be open this winter.

high resolution image: trail4.jpg (2 Mb, 3072 x 2048)

high resolution image: mlwinter.jpg (1 Mb, 2523 x 1754)

high resolution image: mlwinter2.jpg (972 Kb, 3000 x 2025)

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