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December 26, 2001
Two New Books from NCAR/UCAR Authors: El Niño of the Century, Forecasting from Space

December 14, 2001
UCAR Recognizes Staff for Outstanding Accomplishments, Bestows First Distinguished Achievement Award

December 10, 2001
Climate Change Could Boost Cotton Yields

December 7, 2001
Weather at the Edge of Space: Scientists to Probe Far Reaches of Upper Atmosphere

December 4, 2001
Presidential Award for Excellence Honors UCAR Mentoring Program

November 27, 2001
NCAR Scientists Make First Direct Measurements of Atmosphere on Extrasolar Planet

November 21, 2001
Snow's Uneven Impact on Climate to be Studied in the Colorado High Country

November 9, 2001
NCAR Powers Up Climate and Weather Research with Enhanced IBM System

November 7, 2001
Earth's Ecosystems Slowed Greenhouse Gas Buildup in 1990s, Climate Changes Could Speed It Up Again

November 2, 2001
What Drives the Costs of Flood Disasters?

October 17, 2001
More Than a Change of Color: Autumn Foliage May Affect Air Quality, Climate

October 8, 2001
Harry Potter Wizardry meets Halloween Science Fun for Super Science Saturday, October 27

September 27, 2001
NCAR, Partners to Boost High-Speed Network Performance with DOE Support

September 25, 2001
Joint NCAR/AMS News Release: Atmosphere, Not Oceans, Carries Most Heat to the Poles from the Equator

August 24, 2001
Researchers Find Mercury Pollution in Wildfires

August 13, 2001
NCAR Scientist Will Recount His "Unplanned Journey" to Discover New Planets

August 13, 2001
NCAR Scientists Delve into the Icy Hearts of Hurricanes

August 6, 2001
UCAR Tip Sheet: Hurricanes

July 30, 2001
Virtual Hurricanes: NCAR Computer Model Pushes Frontier

July 23, 2001
Scientists to Acquire Gulfstream Jet for Climate and Weather Research

July 13, 2001
Earth Likely to Warm 4-7 Degrees by 2100

July 13, 2001
Tip Sheet: Climate Change Experts at the National Center for Atmospheric Research

June 8, 2001
NCAR Happenings: Summer 2001

June 1, 2001
Shift from Forest to Crops Lowers Daytime Temperatures in the Midwest

May 30, 2001
Scientists Monitor Global Air Pollution from Space

May 17, 2001
Scientific American Names UCAR's Windows to the Universe to Sci/Tech Web Top 50

April 17, 2001
Joint NCAR/AMS News Release: Scientists Suggest New Index to Capture "Flavors" of El Niño

April 13, 2001
UCAR Tip Sheet: River Floods and Flash Floods

April 13, 2001
Joint NCAR/AGU News Release -- NCAR Model Yields Best Global Picture to Date of Climate-Modifying Aerosols

April 12, 2001
Free Public Talk for Earth Week Chasing Skyscapes: Photographing the Atmosphere's Best Displays with NCAR Scientist and Photographer Gregory Thompson

April 9, 2001
Teacher-Built Resource Takes Science and Math Discovery from the Web into the Classroom

April 5, 2001
Tropical Ocean Warming Drives Recent Northern Hemisphere Climate Change

March 21, 2001
Web100 Takes First Step Toward Improving Network Performance

March 20, 2001
Scientists, Ships, Aircraft to Profile Asian Pollution and Dust

February 7, 2001
Research Aircraft Finds Springtime Ozone Voids above Arctic Surface

January 22, 2001
Professional Groups Urge Incoming Administration To Take New Approach to Natural Hazards

January 16, 2001
Scientists Make Rain in Mexico

January 17, 2001
Landmarks in Global Climate and Severe Weather Bring Accolades to Two NCAR Scientists

January 16, 2001
Web Site Shows Economic Losses from Major Weather Disasters, State by State 2001 edition adds lightning, storm, and hail data

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