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2000-MA10 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 11, 2000

UCAR Bestows Outstanding Performance Awards

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BOULDER -- The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research recognized the efforts of outstanding staff at a year-end celebration at the National Center for Atmospheric Research's Mesa Laboratory on December 8. Richard Anthes, president of UCAR (which manages NCAR) handed out awards for ingenuity and effort during 2000. Winners in each of the four categories listed below received cash awards and medals. NCAR's primary sponsor is the National Science Foundation.

Outstanding Publication Award-- given for published results of original research, review papers, pedagogically oriented books, or other contributions to atmospheric science, broadly defined, or for works that connect atmospheric science with other disciplines or with matters of public policy.

    Winners: Roy Rasmussen, Jothiram Vivekanandan, and Jeffrey Cole (NCAR Research Applications Program), "Common snowfall conditions associated with aircraft takeoff accidents," Journal of Aircraft 37, 110-116, and "The estimation of snowfall rate using visibility," Journal of Applied Meteorology 38, 1542-1563. A combination of five years of fundamental research and practical application, these papers analyze a series of aircraft accidents that involved inadequate deicing. The authors found that the standard relationship between snowfall intensity and visibility used by many national weather services can be misleading, because of variations in snow type and differences in how visibility is affected by snowfall during the day versus the night. Based on this work, airlines have improved the procedures they use to estimate snowfall rates.

Science and Technical Accomplishment Award-- given for efforts leading to substantial improvements in scientific and/or technical capabilities, including advances in hardware or software engineering, computer science, and applied science.

    Winners: Jonathan Lutz, Brian Lewis, Michael Howard, Paul Johnson, Mitchell Randall, Eric Loew, Robert Rilling, Richard Oye, Michael Strong, Alan Phinney, Joseph Vinson, and Bart Woodiel (NCAR Atmospheric Technology Division), for development of the S- Pol weather radar. This highly portable dual-polarimetric radar has been deployed at seven field projects on three continents in the last four years. The radar's improved precipitation measurements allow 15 different types of rain, snow, and ice to be identified and distinguished from birds, insects, and other nonmeteorological signals in real time.

Education and Outreach Award-- given for efforts having a significant impact on, and leading to, improvements in scientific, mathematics, or technical education, or for other efforts that significantly enhance the public's understanding of scientific or technical issues. These activities may involve postgraduate, graduate, undergraduate, K-12, or general-public education.

    Winner: Karon Kelly (UCAR Digital Library for Earth System Education Program Center), for her leadership and extraordinary service in initiating and sustaining K-12 and public science education efforts. Between 1985 and 2000, Kelly launched and oversaw many UCAR and NCAR education initiatives, including the Mesa Laboratory's tour and exhibits program and Project LEARN (Laboratory Experience in Atmospheric Science at NCAR), which provided training, techniques, and hands-on science experience to dozens of middle and junior high school teachers from around the country.

Administration Award-- given for efforts that substantially improve UCAR's ability to manage its affairs. Activities in this category might include efficiencies in managing information, improved processes within or interactions among UCAR entities or with funding agencies, or enhanced services or support to UCAR employees.

    Winners: Stephen Hinson, Vance Howard, Karl Werner, Karla Edwards, Richard Johnson, Kristian Woyna, Kevin Welsh, Shelley Richards-Craig, and Barbara Bunting (UCAR Finance and Administration), for creating and implementing the automated time- card reporting system, which streamlined the former paper-based system and improved its accuracy and efficiency.

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