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December 27, 2000
FAA, NCAR Team Recognized with Government Technology Leadership Award

December 15, 2000
New Books from NCAR Put Environmental Decision Making, Severe Weather, and Climate Change in Perspective

December 15, 2000
Quick as a Flash: Researchers Probe Newly Discovered, Extra-Fast Lightning

December 13, 2000
New Study Shows Global Warming Trend Greater without El Nino and Volcanic Influences

December 13, 2000
NCAR Oceanographer Receives Macelwane Medal from American Geophysical Union

December 11, 2000
UCAR Bestows Outstanding Performance Awards

November 27, 2000
Science and Survival in Antarctica: National Medal of Science Winner to Speak

October 27, 2000
Developing Countries: Prepare Now for Next El Nino, Says UN Study Led by NCAR Scientist

October 19, 2000
Population and Wealth, More than Climate, Drive Soaring Costs of U.S. Flood Damage

October 14, 2000
Bats, Bugs, and Science Wizards To Conjure Up Halloween Fun at Super Science Saturday

October 6, 2000
Extreme Weather Events on the Rise as Greenhouse Gases Drive Climate

October 5, 2000
NCAR Scientists Focus Latest Technology on Salt Lake Valley to Help Improve Winter Smog Forecasting

September 13, 2000
Living with a Turbulent Sun: A History of Solar Research at NCAR's High Altitude Observatory

September 6, 2000
NCAR "Auto-nowcaster" Takes on Sydney Weather during Olympic Games

August 30, 2000
NCAR's Visitor Center Offers a World of Science Fun and Discovery: Exhibits, Science Store, Art Galleries, and Nature Trail. Center Open 365 Days a Year

August 15, 2000
New Thunderstorm Forecast Tool to Help Airlines Reduce Summer Flight Delays

June 22, 2000
100-Year-Old "Butterfly Diagram" Shows Sunspot Travel

May 19, 2000
Largest Effort Yet to Study Lightning and "Dry Storms" Brings High Tech to the High Plains of Colorado and Kansas

April 24, 2000
NCAR Scientists Fly into Arctic Circle Lured by Spring Ozone Highs

April 21, 2000
High School Students Compete at Colorado Computational Science Fair; Public Is Invited

March 31, 2000
Personalized, Wireless Weather Forecasts to Reach Over 12 Million Users; LifeMinders.com Acquires WITI Corp.

March 31, 2000
President Taps NCAR Scientist for Second Term on National Science Board

March 16, 2000
U.S. Carbon Storage: Land Use Dominates Carbon Dioxide, Climate

February 17, 2000
Scientists Find Clues to Different Warming Rates in Lower Atmosphere and Surface

February 16, 2000
Research and Education Leader to Head NCAR

February 16, 2000
Middle School Forecasters Triumph over TV Meteorologist; Winners to be Recognized in D.C. Thursday

February 19, 2000
Tackling Tough Environmental Issues: Three talks by NCAR Scientists at the AAAS

February 9, 2000
NCAR Director to Step Down, Elected President of American Meteorological Society for 2001

February 2, 2000
Web Site for Kids Wins Award, Launches Forecast Contest

January 21, 2000
More NCAR Scientists Win National Recognition from American Meteorological Society

January 14, 2000
NCAR Scientists Seek Ozone-Hole Clues During Largest Campaign Ever in Arctic Stratosphere

January 12, 2000
NCAR Scientists Win National Awards for Climate Research and Fostering Diversity

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