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1999-37 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 11, 1999

NCAR Named by Esquire a "Center of Genius"

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BOULDER -- The National Center for Atmospheric Research was named one of the nation's 26 "Red-Hot Centers of Genius" in the November issue of Esquire magazine. NCAR scientists study climate and climate change, weather, the sun, and atmospheric chemistry. The center's primary sponsor is the National Science Foundation.

About NCAR, Esquire writes, "Warmer or cooler? To the extent climate trends can be identified--or even modified--NCAR will influence billions of dollars of investments. Weather is the Next Big Thing in the global marketplace."

NCAR scientists have recently created a comprehensive computer model that simulates changes in the earth's climate over the next century as carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere.

Mostly centers of science, technology, and design, the honored institutions are credited with "creating breathtaking changes." They "aren't only about ideas; they're about the reality that applying and spreading innovations is as important as the innovations themselves," says the Esquire article. "In short, these labs, agencies, and institutions are shaping the rest of your life."

The Rocky Mountain Institute in Snowmass was also named by the magazine as a Center of Genius.

NCAR is managed by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, a consortium of more than 60 universities offering Ph.D.s in atmospheric and related sciences.

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