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1999 News Releases

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December 19, 1999
New Satellite-Borne Instrument to Measure Carbon Monoxide Pollution in the Lower Atmosphere

December 14, 1999
TIP SHEET Cool Agriculture, El Nino-Volcano Link, and Solar Cycle Length vs. Strength: NCAR News from the AGU Meeting

November 18, 1999
Views of Storms, the Aral Sea, and the Stratosphere Await Readers of New Books on Atmospheric Science

November 18, 1999
NCAR Sponsors $25,000 Bayer/NSF Award for Community Innovation

November 17, 1999
New Exhibits and Theater Beckon Visitors to NCAR's Mesa Lab

November 11, 1999
NCAR Named by Esquire a "Center of Genius"

October 20, 1999
Frighteningly Good Science Will Chill and Thrill at Super Science Saturday

October 13, 1999
From a View of Grand Canyon to a Vision of Science in the 21st Century -- John Firor to Give Walter Orr Roberts Distinguished Lecture

October 14, 1999
Bright Rings Found around Sunspots Show Why Spots Are Dark, Cast Shadow on Solar Models

September 29, 1999
Media Advisory: Wide-Screen Animations Bring Earth's Beauty and Wonder to Life

August 6, 1999
Tip Sheet: Hurricanes

July 8, 1999
NCAR Scientists Seek Clues to Wildfires during Alaska Prescribed Burn

June 15, 1999
New Insight on the Plains' Biggest Rains

June 4, 1999
Teachers Discover Research Excitement by Working alongside Atmospheric Scientists

June 3, 1999
Can Doppler Weather Radar Detect Turbulence? Three Aircraft Head into Colorado Storms to Find Out

June 4, 1999
New Exhibits Highlight NCAR Summer Tours

May 14, 1999
A New NCAR/United Nations Study Will Help 12 Countries Prepare for the Next El Nino

May 5, 1999
Tornadoes: Tip Sheet

April 30, 1999
High School Students Display Skills at Colorado Computational Science Fair; Public Is Invited

April 21, 1999
Media Advisory: Video Portrays Impact on Earth of Space Weather Event

April 20, 1999
National Academy of Sciences Presents Medal to NCAR Scientist

April 19, 1999
Mt. Washington's Wild Weather Sheds Light on Aircraft Icing

April 16, 1999
NCAR Announces Environmental Stewardship Awards to Four Local Schools

April 19, 1999
NCAR Climate Model Projections for 21st Century: Earth Warms by 3.6 Degrees F; Winter Rain/Snow Increases 40% in Southwest and Great Plains

April 15, 1999
NCAR Scientist's Observations Aid in Discovery of Multiple Planets Orbiting a Sun-Like Star

April 7, 1999
Kansas Ranks Third in Nation for Tornado Damage

April 7, 1999
California Ranks Third in Nation for Flood Damage

April 7, 1999
Indiana Ranks Second in Nation for Tornado Damage

April 7, 1999
Louisiana Ranks Second in Nation for Floods, Third for Hurricane Damage

April 7, 1999
Texas Holds First Place in Tornado Losses, Ranks Second in Hurricane Damage

April 7, 1999
Florida Holds First Place in Hurricane Damage -- Over $2 billion a Year for Last Seven Decades

April 7, 1999
Iowa Ranks First in Nation for Flood Damage

April 1, 1999
Increasing Carbon Dioxide Threatens Tropical Coral Reefs

March 22, 1999
Floods Cost Coloradans Far More than Tornadoes; State Fares Better than Most

March 11, 1999
Aviation Magazine Honors NCAR/FAA Researchers for Turbulence Detection Method

March 8, 1999
Atmospheric Scientists Fly over South Pacific to Sample "World's Cleanest Air"

March 4, 1999
NCAR Scientists, Aircraft, Instruments Head to Indian Ocean for Climate Change Experiment; UCAR Directs Operations

February 23, 1999
NCAR Scientist Receives 1999 Meisinger Award from American Meteorological Society

February 8, 1999
NCAR Web Site Reports Economic Costs of Extreme Weather by State

January 28, 1999
Scientists Probe the Jet Stream for Clues to Clear Air Turbulence

January 11, 1998
El Nino Impacts: Weaker in the Past, Stronger in the Future?

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