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Bringing the Tools of Information Technology To Undergraduates: UCAR Data Expert Wins Educom Award

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BOULDER -- Colleges and universities across the nation are using innovative technologies to enhance learning in meteorology. For outstanding contributions in this area, the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and EDUCAUSE have presented the 1998 Educom Medal to David Fulker, director of the Unidata Program Center at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research's Office of Programs in Boulder. Fulker will receive one of five 1998 Educom Medal Awards at a presentation October 15 in Orlando, Florida. The Unidata program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

The awards committee cites Fulker's leadership and Unidata's success in providing universities with access to atmospheric and related data for use in science instruction. Unidata's Internet Data Distribution system puts current weather data in reach of colleges and universities of all sizes. Professors draw on the data not just for atmospheric science courses, but for instruction in oceanography, geography, geology, and earth systems science as well.

Fulker also supervised the development of the netCDF (Network Common Data Form), a software library for storing and retrieving scientific data. The awards committee calls netCDF "the de facto standard for exchanging data" across commercial and noncommercial software systems.

UCAR president Richard Anthes calls the Unidata Program "one of UCAR's most successful educational programs. The availability of current weather data through the Unidata program gives a wide range of university students across the nation a taste of real-world science. We are very proud of Dave Fulker's achievement and his selection for the AMS/EDUCAUSE award."

Fulker is well known in Boulder as a musician. He recently concluded 34 years as principal trumpet with the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, where he remains on the board of directors, and he is a founding member of the Centennial Brass Quintet. An AMS committee selected Fulker to win the award as a representative of the field of meteorology; the other Educom Medal Award winners were selected by the American Academy of Religion, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Statistical Association, and the Linguistic Society of America. The Educom Medal is administered by EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit consortium of colleges, universities, nonprofit organizations, and corporations, with offices in Washington, D.C., and Boulder, Colorado.

The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research is a consortium of more than 60 universities offering Ph.D.s in atmospheric and related sciences.

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UCAR's David Fulker will receive the 1998 Educom Medal Award on October 15 in Orlando, Florida.

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