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1998 News Releases

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December 9, 1998
New NCAR Climate System Model Shows Earth's Surface Temperature to Rise .2 K per Decade

December 9, 1998
NCAR Sponsors Bayer/NSF Community Innovation Award

December 4, 1998
NCAR Team Tags "Imported" Pollutants over the Pacific Northwest

December 2, 1998
Ozone above Indian Ocean Linked to African Lightning

November 25, 1998
Scientists Tackle Climate Variability, Global Warming at Paris Meeting

November 25, 1998
Students Join Scientists at the South Pole via the Web

November 20, 1998
New Analysis of Global Temperature: Year-to-Year Correlations Reveal Human Fingerprint

November 13, 1998
Tip Sheet: La Nina

November 12, 1998
NCAR Flies Research Aircraft below Leonids Meteor Storm

October 28, 1998
Space Shuttle Flies Solar Instrument Developed at NCAR

October 27, 1998
NCAR Weather Group Multiplies Its Raw Computing Power by Ten -- At No Direct Cost to NCAR

October 23, 1998
Science Rules at NCAR's Super Science Saturday

October 16, 1998
Skaggs to Speak on Respect and Responsibility in Politics

October 8, 1998
Bringing the Tools of Information Technology To Undergraduates: UCAR Data Expert Wins Educom Award

September 22, 1998
Volunteer Science Team Probes Skies in State-of-the-Art Motorglider: Better Forecasts and Better Soaring Could Result

September 10, 1998
NCAR Offers Guided Tours

August 20, 1998
NCAR Scientists and Instruments to Fly Over Raging Wildfires

August 4, 1998
Talk Offers Insider's View of Atmospheric Science and Public Policy-- Warren Washington To Give Walter Orr Roberts Distinguished Lecture

June 12, 1998
Education, Arts, and Community Combine in "The Hundred Languages of Children," A Unique Exhibit Comes to NCAR

June 10, 1998
Teachers LEARN to Lead Atmospheric Science Explorers

May 21, 1998
NCAR to Host the World's First La Nina Summit

May 21, 1998
NCAR Offers Summer Tours

May 13, 1998
Winners of the 1998 Colorado Computational Science Fair

May 12, 1998
New Tool to Enhance Weather Forecasters' Skills in Satellite Meteorology, Improve Forecasts across Africa: Four High-Tech Pioneers Head Home to Africa with CD-ROM Built in Boulder

April 30, 1998
High School Teams Compete at Colorado Computational Science Fair; Public Is Invited

April 15, 1998
Dial-an-Expert Tip Sheet: Severe Thunderstorms

April 15, 1998
Forecaster Training Makes a Difference in Recent Tornadoes

April 10, 1998
FAA and NCAR Chart Juneau's Turbulent Skies

April 7, 1998
Earth Day, Science and Technology Week Festivities at NCAR Will Delight Young and Old

April 6, 1998
First Test Flights Are a Hit: Onboard Sensor Reveals Invisible Turbulence Ahead of Aircraft in Time to Issue Warnings

March 20, 1998
NSF/NCAR Aircraft Tests NASA Clear-Air Turbulence Sensor through Colorado Skies

March 10, 1998
It's Time to Enter the NCAR-CSU Computational Science Fair

February 11, 1998
Scientists Seek First Glimpse of Solar Features During February 26 Solar Eclipse

February 11, 1998
New Analysis Shows Earth's Lower Stratosphere in Synch with Solar Cycle from Pole to Pole

February 11, 1998
The Sun-Earth Connection: NCAR Scientist Quantifies Variations in Sun's Radiation

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