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1997 News Releases
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December 19, 1997
UCAR Bestows Outstanding Performance Awards

October 28, 1997
Plant Growth Surges 1-3 Years after Global Temperature Spikes, NCAR Scientists Report

October 15, 1997
NCAR Research Turns Commerical Aircraft into Turbulence Sensors

October 2, 1997
NCAR Mesa Laboratory Recognized for Outstanding, Enduring Design

July 31, 1997
Young Colorado Computer Scientists Win Top National Honors

July 17, 1997
Quick Rise in Temperatures Suggests a Blockbuster El Niño for the Late Nineties; NCAR El Niño Colloquium This Month

June 27, 1997
NCAR Unveils North America's First Weather Trail

June 13, 1997
Students Bring Rich Cultural Heritage, Varied Backgrounds to Boulder as They Nurture Budding Careers in Science

May 21, 1997
NCAR Offers Summer Tours

May 20, 1997
NCAR Weather Model Now Available on Microsoft Desktops

May 19, 1997
New Findings Blame Jump in Hurricane Toll on Coastal Growth, not Climate Change

May 16, 1997
Two Senior Federal Managers To Become UCAR V.P.s

May 14, 1997
Winners of the 1997 Colorado Computational Science Fair

May 13, 1997
In the Air and On the Ground: Scientists Seek Clues to Better Weather Forecasting

May 2, 1997
NCAR, CSU Host High School Computer Scientists; Public Is Invited

May 1, 1997
NCAR Scientists Help Find New Planet

May 1, 1997
NCAR Climate Model Named Finalist for Computerworld Smithsonian Award

April 8, 1997
UCAR Buys HP Exemplar System for Weather and Climate Prediction

March 31, 1997
Dial-an-Expert Tip Sheet: Flooding

March 20, 1997
Aviation and Turbulence: FAA and NCAR Continue Investigations

March 11, 1997
When Models and Satellites Mislead: NCAR Scientists Prescribe Caution in March 13 Nature

March 5, 1997
NCAR Scientist Receives 1997 AMS Meisinger Award

February 26, 1997
NCAR Scientist Elected to National Academy of Engineering

February 10, 1997
FAA Sends NCAR and NOAA Researchers to Study Aircraft-Threatening Turbulence in Colorado Springs

February 10, 1997
Super Science Saturday at NCAR

February 5, 1997
Forecasters Guide Pilots into and out of Ice

January 12, 1997
From Coast to Coast, FASTEX Is Probing Winter Storms across the Atlantic

January 8, 1997
New Help for Deicing Decisions: Delta, USAir, American, United Airlines Test FAA/NCAR Info System at LaGuardia and O'Hare

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