All photographs copyright Lee Klinger.

Jean-Marie Bissi, of Bomassi, the Congo, joined the EXPRESSO crew for preliminary site work.

Workmen prepare a section of the tower erected for EXPRESSO.

A piece of EXPRESSO's 60-meter instrumented tower is moved into place.

Dominique Serca (Paul Sabatier University) and Clobite Bouka-Biona (University of Brazzaville) take a break while working on the EXPRESSO instrumented tower.

NCAR scientists Peter Harley (left) and Alex Guenther prepare instruments in the cramped quarters of the EXPRESSO trailer/laboratory.

Shipment of the EXPRESSO trailer/laboratory included a treacherous drive across unpaved logging roads in eastern Cameroon.

Several days of work were required to prepare a barge (below) for shipment of the EXPRESSO trailer/laboratory (above) up the Sangha River.

Once the EXPRESSO trailer/laboratory reached its destination at the Congo, it had to be unloaded using specially tailored slats of wood--each of which took 15 people to lift.
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