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1996 Press releases
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December 9, 1996
Piercing the Fog: NCAR Scientists Shed Light on a Silent California Threat

October 30, 1996
NCAR Scientists Trek to Africa for Biosphere-Atmosphere Chemistry Study

October 30, 1996
NCAR Scientist Models Earth's Climate and Vegetation Patterns at Last Glacial Peak

August 26, 1996
Dial-an-Expert Tip Sheet: Hurricanes

August 20, 1996
High-Tech Radar Sees through Colorado Weather Tricks

August 2, 1996
Scholarship and Mentoring Program Paves the Way to a Career in Atmospheric Science

July 3, 1996
NCAR Research Program Tests New Rainfall Enhancement Technique in Drought-Ridden Mexico

June 26, 1996
Winners of the 1996 Colorado Computational Science Fair

June 24, 1996
Breakthrough on a Hot Topic: NCAR Scientist's Computer Model Links Fire and the Atmosphere

May 20, 1996
UCAR Computer Acquisition Negotiations Announcement

Post-Crash Research Leads to New Technology: Aircraft Advisories Zoom in on Dangerous In-Flight Icing January 1996

May 17, 1996
Severe Storms: Three New Research Angles at NCAR

May 10, 1996
Dial-an-Expert Tip Sheet: Tornadoes

May 1, 1996
Oregon State Names NCAR Scientist Warren Washington 1996 Distinguished Alumnus

NCAR, CSU Host High School Computer Experts: Public Is Invited

April 24, 1996
NCAR Scientist Raymond Roble Wins Prestigious Arctowski Medal from National Academy of Sciences

April 4, 1996
Dial-an-Expert Tip Sheet: Drought in the Southern Plains

February 22, 1996
Super Science and Art Saturday at NCAR

January 29, 1996
UCAR Establishes Fund for K-12 Science Education in Honor of Late NCAR Scientist Patrick Kennedy

January 17, 1996
Will a Second Planet Be Discovered around 51 Pegasi?--NCAR Data Suggest Not a Giant One

January 5, 1996
The Record-Setting 1990-95 El Niño: Harbinger of A Changing Climate?

December 11 to March 15, 1995
FAA and NCAR Tackle the Deicing Problem: American and United Airlines Test New System in Chicago

December 11-15, 1995
A Sampling of NCAR Presentations at the AGU Fall Meeting

Revolution in Atmospheric Monitoring Could Improve Weather Forecasts, Measure Global Temperature Change

November 3, 1995
New IMAX Film Stormchasers Includes Wild Weather, NCAR Sailplane

October 27, 1995
Scientists Study Airborne Particles That May Cool the Earth

October 11, 1995
Nobel Prize for Chemistry and NCAR Connection

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