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Below are summaries of articles pertaining to lightning research that have appeared in UCAR publications or news releases in the last several years.

UCAR Quarterly, Winter 1998
Smoke from the massive forest fires that plagued Mexico earlier this year caused three times the normal number of positively charged lightning strikes to ground in the southern plains of the United States, according to an article in the 2 October 1998 issue of Science.

NCAR news release, Dec. 1998
In one of the first studies to trace lightning's chemical impact across thousands of miles, a team of atmospheric chemists has connected a region of elevated ozone levels in the eastern Indian Ocean with lightning produced in Africa.

Staff Notes Monthly, Aug. 1997
A panel of experts discussed the current state of knowledge on lightning and tropospheric chemistry in a panel session at NCAR on 19 June 1997.

Staff Notes Monthly, June 1996
Lightning is high on the list of phenomena targeted by STERAO, the Stratosphere-Troposphere Experiment: Radiation, Aerosols, and Ozone.

More on lightning

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