The Principles, Structure, & Implementation of International Environmental Law

This module introduces the fundamental norms and institutions that comprise international environmental law and then focuses on six specific topics: air pollution and protection of the atmosphere; hazardous waste; endangered species; international rivers; the global commons; and forest ecosystems.

The module is divided into the following sections: Introduction, What Is International Environmental Law?, Established Norms of International Environmental Law, North-South Conflicts over Environmental Protection and Resource Management, Conflicts between International Trade Law and International Environmental Protection Efforts, Relation between Environmental Protection and Human Rights, Air Pollution and Protection of the Atmosphere, Control of Hazardous Wastes on Land and Sea, Protecting Endangered Species on Land and Sea, Protecting and Managing Transnational Watercourses, Protecting the Global Commons, Protecting Forest Ecosystems, Conclusion, Study and Discussion Questions, Glossary, and Suggested Readings.

The full version of this module is available for download in PDF format. Selected chapters are also available for browsing online via the HTML link.

Authors: Armin Rosencranz, Stanford University; Paul Kibel, Fitzgerald, Abbott, and Beardsley, Oakland, California; and Kathleen D. Yurchak, Practicing Attorney, City of Chicago