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This page offers the UCAR community at large a chance to share impressions and memories. Please fill out as many of the questions below as you like. Or, instead of answering the questions, tell us your story here. All of the submissions we post will be anonymous, but we need to know who you are in case we have questions or clarifications about your entry. Your name and email address are required. Thanks for participating!

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Who are you?


Field programs

    Most and least fortuitous weather conditions
    Most unexpected discovery
    Most and least rigorous locations
    Best field program name and/or acronym
    Best and worst lodging
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    Best accidental discovery
    Concept most out of the mainstream
    Biggest unresolved science question
    Best place where a scientific idea was hatched (shower? automobile? bungee jump?)
    Most unlikely collaboration
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Instrument development

    Instrument that's most taken for granted
    Quantity that we don't yet measure but most need to
    Most astounding observation
    Best anecdote behind an instrument's creation
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    Longest single job (CPU time)
    Biggest piece of software (lines of code)
    Shortest and longest lifespans for a major computer
    Trickiest installation
    Most challenging glitch or emergency
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Just for staff

This section is aimed at past and present staff and visitors of UCAR/NCAR facilities.

    Biggest challenge facing UCAR/NCAR/UOP in 2000 and beyond
    Least visited parts of Mesa and Foothills labs or other Boulder facilities
    Your technical hero: who saved the day for you or your project?
    Most memorable all-staff event
    Most reliable aspect of life here
    Most admired person (and why)
    If you didn't work here, you'd never believe that...
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Wild cards

    Any special stories, anecdotes or tidbits?
    Any questions we didn't ask that you'd like to answer?

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    Any other comments?

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