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July 2000

NCAR and UCAR celebrate their 40th

Pictures of an exhibition

Ron Secrist (left) assists Rita Colwell as she cuts the ribbon to open Atmospheric Odyssey, while UCAR president Rick Anthes (far right) looks on.

The majestic sound of the Boulder Brass, led by Dave Fulker (Unidata), filled the ML lobby with Cecil Effinger's "Fanfare for NCAR." The original score was performed for the first time since the building's dedication in 1967. "Fanfare" followed Rita Colwell's ribbon cutting that marked the debut of the science-and-history exhibit Atmospheric Odyssey. Among those paying tribute to NCAR and UCAR at the afternoon dedication were Boulder city manager Ron Secrist and UCAR Board of Trustees member Leo Donner (Princeton University). Atmospheric Odyssey is a semipermanent addition to the ML exhibits, says coordinator Susan Foster: "The new exhibit panels and the updated interactive computer kiosk provide a wonderful framework for expanding education and outreach efforts within the building and through our Web site," which will include new pages tied to the exhibit.