Joint Office for Science Support (JOSS)

1.If you participated in a JOSS supported field program, did you use (please check all that apply):
1. general planning and operations support4318.61%
2. field logistics—shipping, travel, lodging, etc. 3515.15%
3. observational platform coordination 2410.39%
4. operational data collection 4017.32%
5. operational forecasting services 208.66%
6. on-line field catalog 5222.51%
7. LAN and communication support 177.36%
Median:  4.0Minimum value:  1
Total responses:  83Maximum value:  7
2.If you utilized JOSS data management services, was it (please check all that apply):
1. part of a field project you participated in?5432.34%
2. did you provide data to the archive/field catalog? 3319.76%
3. did you retrieve data from the archive/field catalog? 5633.53%
4. did you use JOSS QA or special processing services? 74.19%
5. did you use custom data ingest/retrieval requests? 105.99%
6. did you use custom data products? 74.19%
Median:  2.0Minimum value:  1
Total responses:  73Maximum value:  6