Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL)

Atmospheric Technology Division (ATD)
HIAPER (High-Performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research)

1.Please check which of the following ATD or university systems you or your project have used in gathering observational data (please check all that apply):
1. NSF/NCAR C-1302411.48%
2. NSF-supported university aircraft (e.g. U. Wyoming)2813.4%
3. EOL Lidars (SABL, REAL)115.26%
4. EOL Radars (SPOL, ELDORA)2110.05%
5. NSF-supported university radars (e.g. Colorado State University)115.26%
6. Sounding systems3617.22%
7. Wind profilers2210.53%
8. Surface systems2813.4%
9. None of the above2311.0%
10. Other:52.39%
Median:  6.0Minimum value:  1
Total responses:  88Maximum value:  10
2.If you did not have personal involvement in a field program gathering data, but still used observational data, did those data come from (please check all that apply):
1. NSF/NCAR C-1301814.52%
2. Other NSF-supported aircraft129.68%
3. EOL Lidars (SABL, REAL)54.03%
4. EOL Radars (SPOL, ELDORA)108.06%
5. Other NSF-supported university radars64.84%
6. Sounding systems2116.94%
7. Wind profilers1612.9%
8. Surface systems1814.52%
9. Don't know64.84%
10. I have not used observational data from ATD (please skip the next question)118.87%
11. Other:10.81%
Median:  6.0Minimum value:  1
Total responses:  63Maximum value:  11
3.Did the data from the ATD observational systems (please select one):
1. Play an essential role in your research4456.41%
2. Play a supplemental role in your research3443.59%
Median:  1.0Minimum value:  1
Total responses:  78Maximum value:  2
4.Do you use or intend to use EOL/ATD systems or data from EOL/ATD systems (please check all that apply):
1. As part of research leading to a graduate thesis3020.83%
2. As part of training in observations or instrumentation for graduate students2315.97%
3. As part of undergraduate or graduate teaching2215.28%
4. As part of your research6545.14%
5. Other:42.78%
Median:  3.0Minimum value:  1
Total responses:  76Maximum value:  5